Playful young boy …

Meet Billy

Very sadly Billy, who is just sixteen months, has come back to the rescue.

We originally had Billy as a young pup from Ireland who re-homed with another Bristol DAWG dog, a beautiful eight year old greyhound girl.

Extremely sad situation, as they have lived together for almost a year, but for some unknown reason the dynamic has changed and the dogs are just now not getting along.  His owners are devastated as they love him dearly but their priority must be their older girl, as she is now afraid of Billy, as he is much bigger and more powerful than she is. 

Billy’s owners have given us lots of information about him:

“Billy is great with all humans including children and is very loving.

Loves to play, especially with tug toys and footballs. 100% house trained.

He has been socialised with other dogs, including doggy visitors to the house. Has had a course of puppy training which has been continued with us at home. He knows and follows the commands “leave it”, and “come”, and sometimes follows “lie down”. He’ll offer a paw for treats.

Billy loves running with other dogs in an enclosed field and has
reasonably reliable recall. Walks very well on the lead.  Can be left alone at home for short periods of time, we’ve only left him for around an hour but sure that he could build up to more. He was anxious being left until recently but we followed Julie Naismith’s training on separation anxiety and it’s worked well.

If Billy has a high value treat, toy or something he shouldn’t have, he is sometimes reluctant to give it up, but this can be overcome by giving him something he would rather have – (at the rescue centre we call this a “trade”!!)

Very occasionally he can be a little unpredictable meeting dogs on walks he doesn’t know. He’s usually fine but sometimes stands still and stares.

He loves to be near his favourite humans. He can climb stairs. He still chews items sometimes, although he’s been growing out of this behaviour. 

Billy has the usual Greyhound prey drive and is not cat trainable”. 

We would want to re-home Billy as an only dog just so we are not faced with this situation again. 

Yesterday when he came back he went into the paddock with two small dogs and two Labradors and was extremely sweet and friendly.

This lovely sixteen month old lad has so much to give a new owner.  If you feel Billy may be the boy for you please get in touch, as he would love to meet you.  

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