Paddock Hire

Exercise off lead in our secure paddock ...

Hire our Paddock

We are now able to invite members of our Facebook Group to use our secure, one-acre paddock to exercise their dogs offlead. between 9 am and 6 pm.

Hire Charge

The cost to hire the paddock is £7.50 for 45 minutes for up to a maximum of 3 dogs.

Payment is to be made via online booking system. Please retain this link and use every time you book.

Type this link into Google and off you go:

All bookings start on the hour and finish after 45 minutes. This leaves 15 minutes for you to pick up all poo and exit the paddock before the next booking.

Please ensure that you read the Paddock Hire Rules before deciding you would like to visit us.

Polite Request

Many of you who have used our paddock will have seen the lovely horses in the field next door.

There are a couple of horses and a young foal, please do not to let your dogs bark at them and also be mindful when using toys that they do not go over the fence and scare the horses. We have wonderful neighbours and want it to remain that way. Thank you everyone for your co-operation.


When using the paddock for the first time, there will be a short induction. Please ensure that you read the Paddock Hire Rules before deciding you would like to visit us.

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