Paddock Hire Rules

Please abide by our rules ...

Paddock Rules

  1. The address for using our paddock is: Knoll View, Biddisham, Axbridge BS26 2RE. Please stay on the main A38 and look for a white dog on top of tree.
  2. This is a “No Smoking Venue”.
  3. Dogs are walked at owner’s risk. We cannot accept liability for any accident/injury to dogs or their humans. If you bring children you must accept full responsibility for their behaviour and safety.
  4. In accordance with the new GDPR legislation by registering with Bristol DAWG you agree to us holding your information on our system. This will never be passed to anyone else and you have the right to be removed from our database at any time.
  5. In the Winter the paddock may be boggy, in the Summer the ground can dry out leaving cracks and holes. We fill these in as often as possible but it is impossible to keep up with them all. Please discourage your dog(s) from digging for mice etc. The field is checked regularly for any hazards for dogs and people, but please check for yourself that you are happy with this environment before allowing your dog off lead.
  6. Please clean up after your dog, there is a bin provided in the paddock for your use. We would appreciate it if you spot any other dog poo – we know that sometimes it is hard to find where its done, so if we pick up any we see it helps keep the paddock clean for everyone.
  7. Please ensure that your dog is on a strong lead and well fitting collar/harness when getting out of your vehicle. Please do not remove the lead until inside the paddock and shut the gate behind you. When leaving the paddock ensure that your dog is once again on a lead before opening the gate. Please be considerate of anyone else and their dogs just leaving/arriving, so that dogs are safely inside vehicles between slots – some dogs use the paddock as they are aggressive toward other dogs or people. Please do not arrive more than five minutes early for your appointment. If someone is already using the paddock please park quietly and stay inside your car until they have left.
  8. There is a maximum of three dogs to be loose in the paddock at any one time. Please keep barking and shouting to a minimum.
  9. We cannot issue refunds unless the field is out of use for some reason. You can reschedule or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before your time.
  10. The paddock is not available to hire by professional dog walkers.
  11. If you are a Dog Training/Agility Club please contact us to talk about availability.
  12. It is essential that your dog/s have been fully vaccinated against infectious/contagious diseases. You will be asked to bring your vaccination card on your first visit.
  13. Training methods used here must reflect the ethos of positive reinforcement. Anyone witnessed using methods considered to be abusive will be asked to leave.
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