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Adoption Procedure

All Bristol DAWG dogs are fully vaccinated, neutered (provided they are old enough and physically in good condition), micro-chipped, wormed and flea treated and health-checked prior to adoption.

We ask potential new homes to complete an Adoption Application Form, which can be submitted via our website, to help us decide if they can offer one of our dogs a suitable home, and to match the right dog to the right family. There are several criteria which need to be considered before adopting from Bristol DAWG:

Bristol DAWG estimate that it costs at least £500 to rescue a dog, prepare it for homing and care for it until it is rehomed. For many dogs, particularly those which need extra veterinary care (such as injured or sick dogs), and those that take longer to home, the cost is obviously much higher.

All dogs leave us with a correctly fitting martingale collar, a house collar, a slip lead and a muzzle which are all included within the adoption fee.

When adopting from Bristol DAWG, on collecting your dog you MUST bring two ID tags with you (one for each collar). This is a legal requirement. These discs must contain the following information; owners name (never the dog’s name), telephone number and FULL postal address.

When you adopt a dog from Bristol DAWG it is for life, we will always remain its legal guardian and if at any time you can no longer look after the dog, it MUST be returned to us and not passed on to a third party.

To enquire about adoption please fill out the form on our Contact Us page or click on the Adoption Application link. On receipt of the completed application one of our trustees will be in contact with you.

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